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Click Frenzy + Cyber Weekend = Super Super!

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Nov 02, 2022

What are Click Frenzy and Cyber Weekend?

Click Frenzy is an Australian online shopping event where most online retailers offer heavy discounts and provide exclusive offers in order to generate sales. Click Frenzy lasts for just over 50 hours, and typically takes place twice a year, in both May and November.

Its November 2022 period starts on Tuesday November 8. Click Frenzy is specific to the Australian market, and was created in order to encourage more people to shop online in a specific timeframe. Over 500 leading Australian brands participate, and offer some amazing deals. You can read more about which retailers are involved in the 2022 Click Frenzy here.

Cyber Weekend is a similar proposition, although it occurs just once a year, typically in the last weekend of November. Originally starting in the USA, it was created for a similar reason to Click Frenzy; to kickstart online shopping in a certain timeframe. This year, Cyber Weekend starts on Friday 25 November and ends on Monday 28 November.

Why do you shop Click Frenzy and Cyber Weekend?

Having the two shopping events so close to each other is great for us shoppers! As we come into the Christmas season, this is an amazing opportunity to buy gifts or secure exclusive deals, at great prices.

Other than gift-giving, it’s also the best opportunity to stock up on things that you need for yourself. 42% of us planned to upgrade our wardrobe in the Cyber Weekend event last year by purchasing clothes and shoes. This was then followed by food and alcohol, where 33% of us planned to spend. Here’s a great chart from Finder that shows what our shopping priorities are during Cyber Weekend.

Finder chart of salesFinder chart of sales

And boy, don’t we love them: while Click Frenzy is the smaller of the two events, the Finder report shows an estimated 6.8million Australians were engaging in Cyber Weekend with each shopper spending an average of $394. 

How Click Frenzy and Cyber Weekend delivers even more!

Let’s think about the benefits you’re receiving from these online events:

  • Exclusive offers
  • Heavy discounts

But you can also contribute to your superannuation too, simply by shopping via Super-Rewards.

Super-Rewards is a platform where you grow your super with your everyday spend. When you spend at any of our 500+ online retailers – many of whom are participating in Click Frenzy and Cyber Weekend, they pay cash back into your super account, through us.

As an example, when you spend $100 at Footlocker, Footlocker pays $5 into your Super-Rewards account…which we then pay into your super account.

So this means that you then receive:

  1. Exclusive offers
  2. Heavy discounts
  3. And superannuation!

How Click Frenzy and Cyber Weekend can turbo charge your super

Super-Rewards are paid into your super account each month, so that they can earn compound interest, which means a better retirement outcome for you.

Here’s a user’s Super-Rewards dashboard. On the left, we have the present day value of the earned Super-Rewards. On the right, we can see how much this $1330.18 can grow to over 25 years, if we assume an average starting super balance of $50,000 and make some other assumptions**.

With a balance of $12,728.37, this helps you understand how why $1 of Super-Rewards earned now is worth so much more by the time you retire.

A screenshot of the Super-Rewards dashboardA screenshot of the Super-Rewards dashboard
**Assumes your “Total earned” balance of $1,330.18 plus $5 further Super-Rewards contributions paid monthly, compounding monthly, 25 years to retirement, median net return of 7.4%p.a. (over 10 years, balanced fund category to 31 December 2021 (ChantWest)). Source:

How do I start earning super this Click Frenzy and Cyber Weekend?

If you haven’t already, join Super-Rewards. It’s free to join, no upfront charges.

This Click Frenzy and Cyber Weekend season, make the most of your spend – and earn lots of super along the way.

Just start your Click Frenzy and Cyber Weekend shopping journey either by downloading the Super-Rewards Chrome Extension (we also have one for Safari) or clicking ‘Shop’ on each retailer’s tile. 

Screenshot of Super-Rewards Foot Locker retailer tileScreenshot of Super-Rewards Foot Locker retailer tile

Happy deal-shopping… and happy super!