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Moving? Move smarter with Super-Rewards

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Oct 18, 2021

Move smarter - with Super-Rewards

Whether you’re moving 5 or 500km, moving is an expensive exercise. But what if you could move smarter, and redirect the cost of moving towards improving your financial health?

This is exactly where Super-Rewards comes in. In partnering with a number of leading Australian retailers, you can add to your super with every step of your move.

Book the removalists first

Canstar advises to book a removalist service first. But how do you know if the service is any good? What about moving in lockdown? Who has time to get different quotes?

This is where Muval comes in. You provide your moving details, then Muval sources availability, pricing and reviews from professional removalists so you can make a decision.

But an even better decision is booking Muval through Super-Rewards, earning you $40 of Super-Rewards! Don’t forget to check out Muval’s blogs, packed (ha!) with great tips.

Gas & electricity provider choice earns you cash back

Choosing your gas & electricity provider for your new home is a big decision - so make it a smart one. There are any number of providers - but only one giving you cash back into your super; EnergyAustralia.

As Australia’s leading gas & electricity provider, they are also the most practiced at setting up new accounts with moving. With a range of plans - and environmentally-friendly options too - EnergyAustralia has something for everyone.

Most importantly, it has something for you. If you establish EnergyAustralia electricity and gas at your new premises, that could earn up to a further $180 in Super-Rewards.

Moving means new furniture

Your bookshelf won’t fit. The old coffee table is falling apart. You currently have built-ins but the new home requires freestanding wardrobes.

When it comes to purchasing furniture, you can buy it new or second-hand. Either way, the Super-Rewards home retailers including Catch.com.au, ebay and Freedom give you cash back into your super, ranging from 1-3%.

One item to buy new is your mattress (old ones present hygiene issues). Luckily, Super-Rewards has 4 mattress retailers with Happy Sleep offering 1% to Regal Sleep at 6%. Just type ‘sleep’ in the Super-Rewards search bar.

Speed up your choices to maximise your cash back

When you’re pushed for time, you want to make quick - and smart - choices. Download the Super-Rewards browser extension, available for Chrome or Safari. When using your search engine, any Super-Rewards retailer is highlighted, showing how much super you can earn.

You can read more about our browser extension here but it’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Join Super-Rewards. It’s free to join and takes 1 minute
  2. Download the extension (available in Chrome and Safari) and add it to your browser
  3. Click ‘Activate Super-Rewards’ on a participating website, and shop normally!

Moving? You just made it so much smarter

Let’s add it all up. Let’s assume you spend $500 on new furniture at Freedom, and $1000 on a new mattress at Emma Sleep. On top of the rewards earned with Muval & EnergyAustralia, you’ve just added $265 of Super-Rewards to your super! This could add $1,279 to your super*, paying for a week’s worth of living in retirement, according to this Challenger budget.

So make your move work smarter - not harder - for you, with Super-Rewards.

*starting balance of $100,000, no further contributions, compounding annually, 25 years to retirement, average return of 6.5% (average balanced fund return net of fees over 10 years to 31 Dec 2020 according to ChantWest). Using the MoneySmart compound interest calculator. Without Super-Rewards: $482,770, with Super-Rewards: $484,049

This information is general advice and does not take account of the individual’s objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on this general advice, individuals should, therefore, consider the appropriateness of the advice having regard to their objectives, financial situation or needs.