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Super-Rewards & Uno Home Loans Combine to boost Australian women's financial savings faster - PR WIRE

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Mar 17, 2021

14th December, 2020 - Sydney, Australia:

Groceries – tick. Tech goods – tick. Beauty and healthcare – tick. Home loans – NEW tick.

Super-Rewards, a free online portal that boosts your superannuation balance every time you shop, today announces that it has signed up online mortgage broker, uno Home Loans as a partner - its first in the home loan space since launching in October 2019.

“The partnership between Super-Rewards represents an important milestone in our offering and an alignment of what matters to us most – supporting women’s financial freedom. uno is on the same page,” according to CEO and Founder Pascale Helyar-Moray.

Women today make 80% of household spending choices and lead the bigger financial decisions, such as where to buy a home and which mortgage lender to go with. More women than men own their own homes too.

Yet, far too many women still retire with very low superannuation balances – less than 50 percent of men the same age. Owing largely due to long periods out of paid work for motherhood or caring for older family members, or doing part-time or freelance work that is less regular. Even those in small businesses won’t always pay themselves super.

“Household jobs such as shopping are not remunerated but are important work, nonetheless. Contrary to popular opinion, women are very good with money and budgets - we make a little, go a long way! But all this stuff takes time and effort, which is non monetised. So, if by lining up a home loan through uno, our members are possibly saving money,” adds Pascale.

Anthony Justice, uno Home Loans CEO, said this partnership is a natural extension of uno’s promise to ensure its customers are always getting the best deals - not just on their home loan.

“As Australia’s first Active Home Loan Manager, our purpose at uno is to help our customers start on a great rate and stay on a great rate the whole time they have a loan. We do the hard work to find savings so our customers can spend more time and money on things that are important to them. This partnership with Super-Rewards means members will be able to top up their super when they sign up for our award winning loanScore tool or settle a home loan with uno. It is a way to save later for their super and possibly save money on their home loan, today” he added.

Super-Rewards is a shopping platform that helps you build wealth and boost your super - without having to contribute any of your own hard-earned money at all. Every time you shop online via the Super-Reward site with one of the 200 retailers that are Super Rewards retail partners, cash rewards are paid into your existing super fund.

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About Super-Rewards

Super-Rewards is Australia’s only shopping platform where you earn cashback into​ your Superannuation. This is our way of monetising some of the $2.2 trillion of unpaid work that occurs in Australia, the majority of which is done by women. The platform was launched in October 2019. Pascale Helyar-Moray (CEO) is a working mother with a professional background in finance and business.

For more go to: Super-Rewards

About uno

uno is Australia’s first Active Home Loan Manager helping Australians start on a great home loan and stay on a great home loan as long as they have one. uno combines the power of technology to help customers find, apply for and monitor home loans across uno’s 30 quality lenders with a team of home loan specialists who can negotiate with lenders and help them navigate the home loan process. uno’s mission is to have the world’s happiest home loan customers who never pay more than they have to on their home loans.

For more go to: uno Home Loans

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