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The Spring Super Sale with Youfoodz!

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Nov 01, 2022

Put some spring into your step – and rewards into your super

Youfoodz is one of those companies that helps take some stress out of your daily life. So whether your focus is on health, nutrition or fitness, Youfoodz is the healthy eating provider with the most number of plans which can tailored for you.

Thanks to the Super-Rewards partnership with YouFoodz, you’re now able to earn super when you purchase your meals to have delivered to your door.

That’s right, if you’re a new customer of Youfoodz you can earn up to $28 Super-Rewards and get up to $140 off your Youfoodz meal delivery service subscription.

Why we love how Youfoodz helps you grow your super

Youfoodz is one of those companies that helps take some stress out of your daily life. No more writing shopping lists, buying groceries, preparing the food and dealing with the inevitable complaints.

Cue Youfoodz to the meal prep & planning rescue:

  • Youfoodz ready-made meals, snacks & drink: Fresh, never frozen. Only the best quality farm-fresh ingredients make it into their meals before being packed and delivered fresh to you.
  • Weekly meal variety: Every week, choose from 60 healthy meals, plus tasty snacks and drinks to enjoy when you’re on-the-go.
  • Be in control: Meal plans are flexible, with no lock in contracts so you can pause, skip or cancel anytime.

Youfoodz gives us the 1-2-3 – it couldn’t be easier:

  1. Choose – from a huge range of 60 meals. While they have their favourites always on the menu, they’re always adding exciting new meals. Nonna’s Bolognese and the peri peri chicken are just two of our staple meals
  2. Receive – yes, your custom-made food plan is delivered to your door. The only logistics you’ll need to do is putting it in the fridge
  3. Heat’n’eat – that’s it.

Youfoodz saves us time, ensures the menu has something for everyone, avoids food wastage and makes it all taste so good.

Youfoodz Super Spring Sale

And there’s more: Youfoodz is now saving you more money, with their promotional offer of up to $140 off your first four boxes.

  • Earn up to $28 Super-Rewards on 14,16, and 18 meal plans
  • Earn up to $21 Super-Rewards on 12 meal plans
  • Earn up to $7 Super-Rewards on 5, 7 & 9 meal plans

So if there was ever a reason to start a Youfoodz subscription, now is the time.

And particularly as we head into the Christmas party, summer BBQ, and social season, which can make meal prep and planning a bit unpredictable!

The 1-2-3 of earning Super-Rewards with Youfoodz

Step 1: Login or signup to Super-Rewards

Step 2: Search ‘Youfoodz’, using the search bar or go to the Groceries category

Step 3: Click on the Youfoodz tile – and then purchase your Youfoodz subscription

So put a spring in your step this spring – while adding money to your super!