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The Super-Rewards browser extension: grow your super with everyday shopping

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Sep 26, 2021

When you hear the word ‘superannuation’, the phrases ‘add to it’ and ‘easily’ don’t come naturally!

However, this is exactly what Super-Rewards has created; a way to add to your super, every time you shop on your favourite websites.

What is a browser extension?

Most people use either Chrome or Safari browser when they access the internet – these are known as browsers. The extension simply means that this little piece of technology is an ‘add-on’, compatible with these browsers.

Because they require downloading, browser extensions are compatible with desktops or tablets only.

How does it work?

It’s so simple. Everyday shopping becomes an everyday opportunity to add to your super.

Visit your retailer’s website as you would normally; if they are a Super-Rewards retailer, you’ll receive a prompt to activate the browser extension and earn super. Here’s what you’ll see when you decide to shop at THE ICONIC (for example)

Super-rewards browser extension being used on the iconicSuper-rewards browser extension being used on the iconic

Or, use the extension pop-up to search for a participating retailer. The extension will redirect you to that website, where you purchase normally.

The super-rewards browser extension installed in chromeThe super-rewards browser extension installed in chrome

How the browser extension powers up your search

We think this is the coolest part. When you use your search engine to find a particular item, any Super-Rewards retailer will be highlighted in the results, showing how much you super you can earn.

This is the best part…

Today’s $10 cash reward can become $100* in your retirement, thanks to the power of compound interest!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Join Super-Rewards. It’s free to join and takes 1 minute
  2. Download the extension (available in Chrome and Safari) and add it to your browser
  3. Click ‘Activate Super-Rewards’ on a participating website, and shop normally!

Don’t forget

…to link your Super-Rewards account to your super account so we can pay you your rewards! Super-Rewards is compatible with every Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) and virtually any super fund accepting voluntary contributions.

*$10 deposit, no further additional contributions, compounding annually, over 36 years, based on net return of 6.5%pa, the average return of a balanced fund over the 10 years to 31 Dec 2020 according to Chantwest, source: