About Super-Rewards

What is Super-Rewards?

Super-Rewards is an online shopping platform where retailers pay you cash rewards into your super. This is our way of monetising some of the $2.2 trillion of unpaid work that occurs in Australia, the majority of which is done by women.

Why should I use Super-Rewards

Traditionally, money for your super came from your employer, or you. This setup works best for people who are in the workforce but doesn’t work well for people who are not working or are on low incomes.

Super-Rewards has created a clever way to get money into your super account, and it’s free to join*. We’ve partnered with over three hundred retailers who’ll pay money into your super every time you purchase online through the Super-Rewards platform.

You can now be rewarded for the online shopping you’ve already been doing in your daily life and start building a more comfortable retirement at the same time.

* Super-Rewards does not charge any direct fees to our members. We generate revenue by taking a commission from each cash reward that the retailer pays; this is known as a referral commission. Please refer to our Financial Services Guide for more information.

Where do the Super-Rewards come from?

We’ve partnered with great retailers to make sure you’ll be rewarded whenever you shop through Super-Rewards. All of these retailers care about the superannuation gap and want to see it disappear. It is these retailers that are paying the cash rewards when you shop via Super-Rewards. It is their way of rewarding you for being a loyal customer and of helping you achieve a more comfortable retirement.

How can I increase my super with Super-Rewards?

Each time you shop online with Super-Rewards, you’ll earn cash back and we’ll transfer that cash into your super. This way you’ll be increasing your super without having to contribute with your own hard-earned money.

Contributing small amounts to your super over time makes a big difference, thanks to the magic of compound interest.

Is there a limit on how much I can put into my super?

There are two kinds of contributions that can be made to your super fund:

Concessional – This is a pre-tax contribution. It includes the Super Guarantee (currently 9.50%) that your employer pays into your super, and any salary sacrifice amounts. Concessional contributions are taxed at 15%.

Non-Concessional Contributions – These are after-tax contributions that you deposit directly into your super.

There are limits to the amount of money you can put into super each year based on the type of contribution:

Concessional (Annual Cap: $25,000): If your super balance is less than $500,000, you can carry forward the unused portion of your concessional contributions caps on a rolling basis for 5 years.

Non-Concessional (Annual Cap: $100,000): If your balance is less than $1.4 m, you can make use of three years worth of caps at once and add $300,000 to your account.

Whether your Super-Rewards contributions are concessional or non-concessional may depend on your personal circumstances. Please seek the advice of a tax accountant or financial adviser if you are unsure how to classify the payment of Super-Rewards into your super fund.

Why do I need more money in my super account?

ASFA estimates that to live a ‘comfortable’ retirement a single person needs $545,000 and a couple need $640,000. Importantly, this assumes that you own your home, i.e. no rental or mortgage payments will be made once you retire.

According to ASFA, men retire with an average super balance of $270,710 and women with an average super balance of $157,500. Everyone needs more super to have a comfortable retirement, particularly women. Super-Rewards is a great way to grow super and improve your financial outlook.

Is Super-Rewards just for women?

Super-Rewards has been designed for women, as women are more disadvantaged economically, and currently retire with 58% as much super as men; please refer below to our reference materials.

However, we recognise there are many sectors of the community who could benefit from Super-Rewards and so Super-Rewards is open to any gender.

Where can I learn more about women and super?

Below are some statistics about women and their retirement, with a link to each source:

Is Super-Rewards a super fund?

No, Super-Rewards is not a super fund. We provide a way for you to shop online and earn cash rewards for your super. We’ll pay your Super-Rewards into your super fund or self-managed super fund.

How is Super-Rewards regulated?

Super Rewards Pty Ltd (ABN 90 629 681 296) is a Corporate Authorised Representative (Number: 1278321) of Shartru Wealth Management Pty Limited (ABN: 46 158 536 87, Australian Financial Services Licence Number: 422409). We are authorised to provide general advice on superannuation and are regulated by the Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC). You can read more in our Financial Services Guide.

How can I contact you?

There’re lots of ways to get in touch, you can:

Email us at support@super-rewards.com

Message us on Twitter or Facebook

We’ll aim to get back to you within 48 hours.

How it Works

Does Super-Rewards work with any super fund?

Super Rewards works with over 180 super funds that accept voluntary contributions. We are also compatible with self-managed super funds.

What if I don't have a super fund?

You need to have a super fund to use Super-Rewards. If you don’t have a super fund, we won’t be able to transfer the rewards to you.

We understand it’s not easy choosing a super fund, so you can read more about how to pick one in this article. Also, it’s worth checking to see if you do have super, there is around $18 billion of lost super out there, some could be yours! 

How do I earn Super-Rewards?

You can start earning Super Rewards in just a few steps:

  1. Sign up online at super-rewards.com
  2. Login to your Super Rewards account and start shopping

Alternatively, you can download our Chrome Desktop browser extension. You can go straight to the retailer's website and you'll receive a pop-up notification. You'll need to ensure you have your cookies turned on and that your browser settings permit pop-ups.

You can also shop directly from the promotional emails we send you.

How do I shop on Super-Rewards?

To start shopping, simply login to your Super Rewards account. There you’ll see a list of the current offers from our retail partners. To view all offers, click on the menu heading “Retailers”.

Once you see an offer you like, click on “Shop”. A new window will open and you’ll see the retailer’s website. Before clicking shop, be sure to read the retailers Terms & Conditions.

When you’re on their website, just shop as usual – you don’t need to do anything special or enter any coupon code.

Once the purchase has been made, you’ll see the reward amount in your Super Rewards account. You should be able to view the transaction in your account within 2-7 days.

Can I shop on my mobile and earn Super Rewards?

Yes, you can shop as you normally would on your mobile as well, just make sure you do so via the Super Rewards platform. That way, you’ll continue earning Super Rewards with every purchase.

Is Super Rewards available in store?

No, currently Super-Rewards is available online only, although we are working on an in-store solution.

Does Super-Rewards have a browser extension?

Yes, Super-Rewards has a Chrome browser extension, as well as a Safari browser extension.

These can be downloaded for your desktop and tablet. Browser extensions do not work on mobiles.

The browser extension means you can earn Super-Rewards directly from the retailer’s website, without having to log in to the Super-Rewards platform. You’ll be prompted to activate your extension when you type in the retailer’s URL.

The browser extension also means that when you search for a product using your search engine, Super-Rewards retailers are highlighted – this helps ensure you earn Super-Rewards on every purchase.

Can I still earn loyalty points with my retailer on Super Rewards?

It is possible to earn loyalty points through your retailer when shopping via Super Rewards. However, this is at the discretion of the retailer.

To confirm whether you can earn points, please check the Terms and Conditions of the offer.

You can find the Terms and Conditions by going to the menu heading “Retailers” clicking on the specific retailer you want and you’ll be presented with a pop-up window, in which you’ll find “Terms and Conditions”.

How can I make sure I get my Super Rewards?

We can only track your purchases if you are:

  • Logged onto Super Rewards
  • Have clicked the retailer’s “Shop” button on our website
  • Have your Cookies turned on (see below)

We cannot track your rewards if:

  • Your browser is in incognito mode
  • You click on the “Shop” button, then close the window, then visit the retailer’s website directly
  • Use a coupon code that has not come from Super Rewards

How is my shopping tracked?

When you click on “Shop” for a Retailer in your Super Rewards account we are able to track your purchase using a “cookie”. A cookie is a message sent to a web browser that is stored in a text file. When you click on the “Shop” button we track the purchase details, store it in a text file and use it to:

  • Confirm your purchase amount with the retailer
  • Calculate the value of your Super Rewards
  • Update your Super Rewards account with the cash rewards you’ve earned to date

Using cookies is a widespread practice online and does not create any security issues for your computer.

How can I enable my cookies?

To track your purchases, you’ll need to have your cookies enabled. Here are instructions on how to do that.

When can I see the Super Rewards in my account?

How quickly you’ll see the rewards in your account depends on the retailer. Most transactions will show up in “My Transactions” within 2-7 days, although some may take up to 30 days.

When will Super Rewards be paid into my super?

Once we receive the funds from the retailers, we'll pay them into your super on the next monthly payment date.

Payment by the retailers to Super-Rewards are generally received 30-45 days after your purchase; however some retailers can take up to another 90 days after this. Super-Rewards is only able to pay you, once we receive the funds from the retailers.

When you log into your Super Rewards account, you’ll see the balance of your Super Rewards under “My Progress” and “Transactions”.

Your Super Rewards move through three stages:

1. Recorded: After you make a transaction you can view the transaction details i.e. the name of the retailer, the amount that is eligible and the cash reward earned under “My Transactions”. A transaction will show up within 2-7 days after purchase. A retailer may exclude particular products or brands from earning rewards; this will be why the amount you spend, and the amount that is eligible for a reward, may differ

2. Ready: After a reward is confirmed by the retailer, the retailer pays the cash reward amount to Super Rewards. This can take up to 180 days depending on the retailer, but on average payments are generally received within 90 days. Once in the Super Rewards account, these amounts are now ready to be paid into your super. We make payments monthly into your super, between the 15th and 20th of each month.

The amount of funds that are ready to be paid into your super are shown in 'Total Contributions'

3. Contributed: After the cash rewards are paid into your super they are shown as a contribution. You can see the “Total Contributions” within “My Rewards”.

How can I check my Super Rewards amount?

When you log into your Super Rewards account, you will see the total Super Rewards you’ve earned under “My Rewards”.

To see a breakdown of your Super Rewards by purchase, you can view a list of each purchase and rewards in “My Rewards”, under “Transactions”.

You can see the amount of Super Rewards paid into your super under “Total Contributions” in “My Rewards”. Here you’ll also be able to see how many Super Rewards are waiting to be paid into your super.

Following the end of the financial year, we’ll provide a statement with the total amount of cash rewards that have been paid into your super. You can access this via “My Account”, under “My Documents”.

How do I pay my Super Rewards into my super fund?

To transfer your Super Rewards into your super account, you’ll need to go to “My Account” and "My Super" and tell us:

  • Your details;
  • Which super fund you’re with; and
  • The BPAY details of the fund: its Biller Code and Biller Reference Number

If you have a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF), you will need to provide us with:

  • The name of your SMSF
  • The ABN of your SMSF (11 digits)
  • Your SMSF bank account name
  • Your SMSF bank account BSB (6 digits)
  • Your SMSF bank account number
  • Your SMSF Electronic Service Address (ESA)

Once we have the above information, and have received the rewards payment from the retailer, we’ll transfer your available Super Rewards into your super fund between the 15th and 20th of the next month, provided there is at least $1 ready to be paid, and the payment meets all requirements of your super fund.

We need your payment details at least 2 weeks before our next payment cycle.

When Do I need to enter my super details?

You can start shopping before you have provided us with your super details. However we cannot pay into your super fund until we have your super details. We suggest you provide your super account details as soon as possible to ensure there are no delays in making payment of Super-Rewards to your super.

To provide your details, login and add your super details under "My Super", under "My Account". We’ll also follow up with emails to remind you to provide your details.

Is there a minimum Super Rewards balance before paying into my super?

We transfer any Super-Rewards amount greater than $1, which is the BPAY minimum.

The below is a list of some superannuation funds that have a minimum payment amount for after-tax contributions via BPAY. This is not an exhaustive list and should not be relied upon, you should always check the Product Disclosure Statement of your fund to determine if there is a minimum amount.

Australian Catholic Super - $10

LGIA - $10

Government Employees Superannuation Board - $20

Super SA - $50

IOOF – Pursuit Select Personnel Super (Plan B) - $200

If you are with any of the funds listed above we will wait until you accumulate the minimum amount in rewards before transferring them across to your super account.

What happens if I don't set up my super payment details?

Your Super-Rewards will stay in Super-Rewards until you provide us with your super payment details.

As long as you login regularly, you will keep your rewards.

If you have not logged into your account for 12 months then we will close your account and you will lose your Super-Rewards. We will notify you in advance of this happening.

Signing Up

How much does Super-Rewards cost?

Super-Rewards is free to join.

We take a percentage of each cash reward from the retailer; this is known as a referral commission. All cash reward offers and amounts you see in your Super-Rewards dashboard are net of the referral commission. This means that if the cash back offered on Super-Rewards is 7.50%, this is net of our referral commission and you’ll receive the full 7.50%. Please see our Financial Services Guide for more information. 

Can anyone use Super-Rewards?

Super-Rewards can be used by anyone who is between 18 and 67 years old. For those outside this age range certain restrictions apply:

  • If you are younger than 14 and 9 months, or 75 or older: You cannot use Super-Rewards as you are not able to make contributions to your super
  • If you are between 14 and 9 months, and under 18: You can use Super-Rewards if you are working at least 30 hours a week and are eligible to contribute money to your super
  • If you are over 67: You can use Super-Rewards if you meet the Work Test or are otherwise eligible to make voluntary contributions to your super.

Can I use Super-Rewards if I live outside Australia?

No, Super-Rewards is currently only available to those living in Australia.

Why do I need to provide my DOB?

There are two key reasons why we need your date of birth:

  • There are certain age restrictions that apply to superannuation (see above).For example, there is both a minimum and maximum age for making super contributions. To comply with these regulations, we need to know your date of birth.
  • To make payments to your super fund we need your date of birth to identify you and ensure that the payment goes to the right account.

Why do I need to provide my mobile number?

Super Rewards will use your mobile number for notifications and to contact you if required, for example to verify a purchase.

If everything is online, why do I need to provide my address?

In order to transfer funds into your super account, Super-Rewards needs to be able to identify you. In order to do this, we require your full name, date of birth and address. Also, we need to verify that you are based in Australia, as Super-Rewards is only able to offer its services in Australia.

How can I be sure that the information I provide you with is safe?

Our Privacy Policy sets out how we use your data. All your data is stored and hosted in Australian based data centres only. 

Our security has been audited by global security experts GridWare – whose services are utilised by Australian based banks. We also perform automated monitoring for malware and actively monitor for intrusion detection.

How do I update my personal information, password or Super fund details?

You can view and update your details by logging into Super Rewards and clicking on “My Account”. There you’ll be able to view, edit and save your personal information.

Where can I find important documents?

You can view important documents by logging into Super Rewards and clicking on “My Account”. There you’ll see “My Documents”, which includes a copy of our Privacy Policy, Financial Services Guide and Terms of Service.

What happens if I forget my password?

Go to super-rewards.com/forget-password. At the bottom of the page, click on “Forgot your password”. You’ll receive instructions on how to reset your password.

How do I close my account?

If you’d like to close your account, please send an email to support@super-rewards.com. We’d love your feedback, so please be sure to tell us why you’d like to close your account.

Prior to closing your account, please make sure you’ve completed your payment details and that any remaining rewards have been transferred to your super fund. Once your account is closed, you won’t be able to access your Super Rewards.

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